Nursing Assistants and the Opportunity to Explore Medical Field

The field of medicine is a growth industry almost unparalleled in the number of professionals required, and this offers huge opportunities for anyone successful enough to pass the required exams for entry into the field. Being a nursing assistant is an excellent way to start, giving practical experience and access to training and career guidance from within.

The role of the nurse assistant is to help looking after patients, and take on some of the workload of nurses and medical professionals so that they are able to more effectively manage the number of patients needing attention. Whilst the nurse assistant isn’t able to assess the condition of any patient, or prescribe medications, or recommend surgical procedures, nevertheless the nurse assistant is a vital part of any hospital or clinic team.

In the course of a typical day, the nurse assistant will deal with patients and their families, registered nurses, surgeons, anesthetists, specialists, technicians, and administrative staff, and will be expected to deal with each professionally. Exposure to all of these disciplines within the medical field can be a valuable learning experience, not least as the nursing assistant learns the vocabulary and procedures of each.

Working in a multi-disciplinary facility such as a public hospital is fertile ground for any nurse assistant with goals of continuing education and passing exams to become a registered nurse or surgeon. Aside from the clinical exposure, there is also the chance to speak with already successful professionals and possibly find a sponsor or mentor. Many nurse assistants with the aptitude for further study have been in this position with colleagues giving them advice and assistance.

The basic skills required by a nurse assistant are equivalent to having a first aid certificate with specific industry knowledge such as caring for patients in a medical environment. Many junior ambulance technicians start at a similar level and then progress to paramedic standard, and nurse assistants have the same opportunities of progression, from nurse aide to registered nurse with the advantages of being on full pay.

The decision to enter the medical field at nurse assistant level isn’t one that should be taken lightly, the work is demanding with periods of overtime and shift work that can seriously affect study time, but for students without the financial means to attend college full time is an excellent choice. In fact work experience can count toward credits for college nursing diplomas so be sure to check with your college enrollment office for details of how being a nurse assistant can be useful in studying towards a nursing or surgical degree.

If exploring the medical field from the stand point of becoming a nurse assistant is attractive to you, be sure to research the best employment opportunities that will allow more regular working hours whilst still giving exposure to professionals and specialists who would be able to help you. If you’re already working, talk to your human resource manager about what your employer can do to help you. Many will be excited that you want to take on extra training and might be able to pay for gap courses or write you a college reference letter.

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