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Disadvantages of Being a Nursing Assistant

The health care industry is by its very nature a tough industry to work in, not only is there not enough money to go around resulting in more overworked staff, there is also the emotional burden of working around seriously ill and dying people. People who work in hospitals or medicine generally face a lot […]


Become a Nursing Assistant

The health care industry is booming as the American population ages and more people require care from age related illnesses. Despite medical science advancements, the number of people being hospitalized hasn’t decreased, and the number of nurses, doctors, and nurse assistants hasn’t been able to keep up. The demand for medical professionals and nurse assistants […]


Background Checks on Nursing Assistants

As unfair as it sounds, nursing assistants will at some point early in their career be required to submit to various background checks, and maybe several times again during their career, either on a regular schedule or when they change employment. Background checks are an essential part of keeping the industry safe and protecting the […]


Nurse Assistant Training

The huge demand for nurse assistants in recent years as populations age has resulted in a corresponding increase in the types of course available, all of which can be very confusing for the person who wants to become a nurse assistant and then has to evaluate which training provider will give them the best education, […]


Patient Abuse by Nursing Assistants

Across the United States abuse of patients by their carers, often they are nurse assistants, is all too common and a tragedy that could be avoided, but with high demand for health care workers and shortages of staff, abuse continues to be a problem with too many being employed in the industry who by rights […]